Spray Foam Insulation Rigs

Spray foam insulation rig is commercial equipment used by construction companies for various sorts of building constructions. These rigs come in complete kits including all the tools and equipment’s you need for spray foam installation.

These rigs come with generators and air compressors that are provided by well-known manufacturers and are also backed by warranty in case of any defects or mishaps. Some of the rigs come with diesel generators; on the other hand, some rigs are installed with gas generators.

One of the many pieces of equipment these rigs come with is a Spray Foam Gun. This is used to spray a mixture of Iso and Resin on the walls and roofs of structures to prevent leakage, air infiltration, and whatnot.

These are also installed with Transfer Pumps, which have the sole purpose of transferring different materials from containers ranging from 55-gallon drums to 250-gallon totes to the spray foam guns through transfer lines.

Another piece of equipment used in this insulation process is called an Agitator or Mixer. It is either an electric or air powered equipment that is used for mixing the contents of spray foam and agitating these chemicals.

Refrigerated Air Dryers, Rotary Screw Air Compressors, and Piston Air Compressors might also be included in these spray foam insulation rigs. The refrigerated air dryers are used to remove any moisture from the airlines used in the insulation systems. Rotary screw air compressors are used for direct high-pressure air delivery.

Most of these rigs if not all of them, are equipped with safety features and safety equipment and tools that may be used in the case of any emergencies or mishaps. Companies and contractors are not limited to the stock safety features that come pre-installed, and they have the option to customize and modify these rigs according to their requirements and needs.

Because of a rise in the demand and growth of “Green Construction” there has been an exponential growth in the use of these spray foam insulation rigs. The reason is that structures that are insulated with spray foam help in the reduction of electricity usage. This process plays an important role because of the concern of energy efficient usage.

These insulation rigs are not only used in the construction of residential and commercial building but also in the agricultural weatherization. Having many different applications such as tank insulating and coating, concrete raising, spray foam roofing and movie production studios.

Following a rise in the industry of spray foam insulation, there has been an increase in the number of companies that manufacture such equipment for contractors and construction companies. There are many well-known and leading companies that are setting high standards for the new firms. Having various different building applications this process is applied in many areas and by many workers, as discussed above, making it an important part and aspect of not only the construction sites but also the economy. These rigs do not come cheap, the prices are high, ranging from $30,000 to somewhere over a $100,000. The versatility increases the demand for such spray foam insulation rigs since they are used in a wide number of areas ranging from residential to semi-commercial and commercial applications.